Fort Myers Banquet Room

Terms of Agreement

Rental Fees

IL Primo Pizza and Wings requires a $50 down payment which is non-refundable as a rental fee.

Late Notice Fee

IL Primo Pizza and Wings requires a $25 Fee for booking the room within 24 hour notice of event date.
This allows us to prepare any additional scheduled staff, food or preparations for said event.


1. IL Primo Pizza & Wings Inc. and any of its staff shall not be liable for any and all accidents within the
building or outside the building.
2. IL Primo Pizza & Wings Inc. is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles.
3. No property can be removed from the premises for any reason.
4. Adults must be present with children at all times.
5. We do not allow: tapered candles, glitter, rice, silly string, screws, hooks, nails, or adhesives. An
additional $100 will be added to your final bill if any of the described items are used without previous
approval by a manager.
6. No Smoking or Vaping is allowed in the facility.


The party/organization/ lessee signing this agreement is responsible for all guests and must reimburse IL
Primo Pizza & Wings Inc. for all damages. This includes any damage done to the chairs, tables, booths,
TVs, walls, etc.


IL Primo Pizza & Wings is responsible for routine cleaning only. This includes sweeping, mopping,
dusting, trash removal, wiping off tables and chairs, and cleaning windows. Any further cleaning needed
such as stain removal and carpet cleaning (Intense cleaning) will be charged to the lessee.


Any outside food & beverages that is brought in that is not made by IL Primo Pizza & Wings Inc. must be
approved by the General Manager.


All booths, wall hangings, televisions, and other stable items may not be moved.
The lessee whose name appears below is the responsible party for the event. They must sign below, pay
for the event. The lessee is subject to incur any additional charges from the previous policies listed.