Translated into Italian, the words Il Primo mean the first. Of course, we don’t lay claim to being the first pizza house to hit Southwest Florida, only one of the best.

And while it may be argued whether the pizza pie actually originated from Italy, one thing’s for certain, our other favorite bill of fare-buffalo-style chicken wings-hail straight from western New York, the heart of buffalo wing country.

Unlike many restaurant menus that take forever and a day to decipher, ours is brief and to the point.

You want a delicious New York style pizza? We make ‘em the old fashioned way. The way pizzas should be made. Choose the tried and true traditional cheese pie or design your own from over a dozen toppings.

Il Primo Pizza & Wings now has six Southwest Florida locations to serve you and we owe much of our success to you, our valued patrons. We tip our hat and say thanks in a big way.